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Box Lot
10-01-2009, 03:36 AM
It is generally true that I get too busy with regular retail sales, and that will be even more true when I'll be running the auction site, to be able to do enough listing myself so being able to easily add auctions is almost a must. I've always been frustrated by the lack of a Mac bulk uploader of any type (the PC ones were usually broken too!) so since I have inventory already in a detailed Filemaker database I just created a detailed export to upload in phpMyAdmin.

Works great and so I don't interfere with the regular incrementing auctions numbers I'll probably just put a letter in front of my auctions numbers or something like that. Haven't tested the letters yet but the regular upload with all of the other information works like a charm now.

The only problem I'm having is specifying a picture URL that will load up which would really seal the deal.

Would be great to load a full gallery too but my biggest concern now is just a single image to show during browsing previews. I include hosted images in the listings anyway so a single picture would do the trick nicely and only involve the "webid_auctions" table.

Any clues how to insert a URL that will be read?

Oh yeah, I know about the upload folder and I could just load the pictures there in numbered folders but I want something that will just pull from another already existing pictures folder so I can just add a reference in the upload I already have.

10-01-2009, 09:37 PM
well if your OK with just one image per auction and no galery the easiest way to do this is to dump all the images files stragiht into the uploads folder so youd have to edit the sell page
where you have


and the same on the item page remove the reference to the auction id when its pulling up the images

Box Lot
10-01-2009, 09:44 PM
Guess I should have clarified that the plan was to have others use the site too (whenever!) and this edit would effect everyone so that wont work for me.

All things being equal too I would rather not copy the images from the already established online folder where they exist. Just want to reference them so the database displays them.

Run into the same kind of things with slideshows that don't pull from the sites existing images folder. Frustrating.

May be a no go and certainly adding pictures is easy enough once everything else is populated into the auction.

Keep thinking!!....everyone!

10-01-2009, 11:11 PM
right ok well another option would be to add a colom to the auction table called imageid so multiple items could reference the same images but youd have to code a seperate sell page for the admin

also the image id would have to be something like
i6 just so they wont clash with the regular auction images i cant really think of any other way to do it.

Box Lot
11-01-2009, 12:08 AM
Yeah, I'll have to noodle this through, don't want to over complicate the site or make people go to a special page to see my stuff (which I'm assuming another sell would do).

I also can see an issue with the auction numbers since they increment. Tried something like 10.1 but that gets stripped to 10 with next increment being 11. Could get dicey if the site become possible with users at all hours as the danger of duplication would be there (or I would expedite the numbers if I picked a new number far away from the next current increment to prevent the possibility).

I'm sure it's workable and I am now able to get the auctions to load, with thumbnail and if I load upload folders with the item images then the additional images (but not the first one) show up in the gallery.

Pretty good but I'm sure I can eventually make the process clean with no pitfalls.

Best to get the site running first without bugs!!

Moving on but all comments and suggestions from others more then welcome and thanks for yours Renlok.